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Welcome to Badger Enterprises




     Dear Squirrel and Steam Train Enthusiast,

     Hello There and "Thank You" for visiting us today….

     If I may introduce myself, my name is Glenn C. Badger Sr. and I live a little North East of Olympia, Washington in the Town of Rainier with my wife Honey, of 47 years, 6 Westie Terriers, 2 Cats, 4 Goats, a "Grip load of Chickens" and so many Squirrel’s that I’ve lost count…. I am a Retired Tradesperson and with the help of the rest of the family, build "Very Unique" "Choo-Chew" ™ brand Steam Train Squirrel feeders (and other woodcrafts) for Squirrel and Steam Train fanciers to enjoy, to supplement my retirement income and for the sheer joy of it…. Carefully crafted from NW Cedar, White Pine and Birch, they incorporate a unique "Tipper Stack" ™ jar lock feature, that allows for easy loading of Peanuts, Corn, Squirrel Mix or whatever delights Bushy Tails and for ease in occasional cleaning…. These can be an absolute riot, for any age, that relishes watching the cunning and ingenious actions of these furry critters…. Each Badger Crafts trademark "Choo-Chew" is individually Hand Crafted to exacting detail and function that only 50 plus years of trial and error can produce…. Easy removable mounting, (fastener supplied) on Trees, fence posts etc…. Set in your Patio or locate in your favorite garden areas too….

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     The major structural components are glued and screwed together, but also allow for expansion and contraction, (without damage) due to seasonal weather changes or dry and / or wet climates…. They have proven to survive the elements for many enjoyable years and will take on a beautiful rustic hue, after a few months of outdoor seasoning…. Some eventual warping and cracking will occur over the months and years, as with any untreated ( No Preservatives used ) wood product, aside for decorative painting…. This is only normal and I feel this enhances their rustic charm…. Load with your Squirrel’s favorite munches and if you have Bushy Tails in your neighborhood, they will soon tell all of their friends and you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy…. They never cease to amaze me with their antics and shenanigans…. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, they come up with some new gimmick or tomfoolery to delight me….

     "Choo-Chew" ™ brand Steam Train Squirrel feeders are sold in Farm and Garden stores, Feed and Hardware stores, and Gift Shops here in the Pacific North West and on e-Bay for many years as (Badgercrafts) with 100% positive feedbacks and enjoyed by Hundred’s across America and Canada…. (Buy-It-Now) prices for your choice between 5 or 6 basic models offered (Click on Photo Gallery) at $79.95 each, plus tax and shipping if applicable and have gone to well over $300.00 for Special Orders…. (Click on Photo Gallery), to see some of these basic models available and some past projects designed at customers requests…."Note" Enginer "Harley" and Fireman "Chipper" are employee's that work for "Peanuts" and "Not" included... Ha, Ha, ha......

     I offer these attractive and functional Badger Crafts "Choo-Chew" ™ brand Steam Train Squirrel feeders, here on this site, (sometimes not always available) and on e-Bay every now and then (as construction time allows) for fanciers across the Nation to enjoy as I do, (Only after my local orders are filled)…. So if you’ve missed them before on e-Bay, E-Mail me now at for your choice of any (Basic model) I may have on hand or a Special Request model, crafted to your specs, for yourself, loved one, associate or friend…


     Great gifts for Special presentations, Birthdays, Anniversary’s and Squirrel or Steam Train enthusiasts…. Not your (Run of the Mill) every day feeder, for sure…. They are (Not Cheap) that’s for sure, but considering the design, construction quality and the many, many hours of labor crafting each one, it is a fair one, (by my Old Time Standards), in today’s (Toss away World) of shoddy construction and (Planned Obsolesce)….

     In keeping with tradition, even the "Choo-Chew’s" numbers are cut and hand finished from a 300 year Cedar stump. (No Plastic) on these babies…. Your choice, (single digit only) and included on all models…. Double, or Triple digit numbers are available also, but at an increased cost of $5.00 for each digit added…. A bargain for sure…. If you don’t believe me, try mak’n ‘um ya’self…. Also, just while I’m here, a portion of the Dollars spent here at Badger Crafts, is donated to local institutions and individuals dedicated to the care, feeding and rehabilitation of injured wild birds and animals…. I do not have the funds available at this time, to donate to National organizations…. Sorry, so please do not ask….

     "WARNING" By visiting this site, reading this, and your failure to buy, (mysteriously) through (OUSA), the (Organization of the United Squirrel’s of America), will result in notification to all Bushy Tails in your vicinity and they will Terrorize, Taunt and Ridicule your beloved Cats and Dogs to a Frenzy, inducing Severe Trauma, requiring Year’s and Year’s of Therapy and Expensive Medication!!!! Next, Total Destruction of your Bird feeders will soon follow and last but not least…. Hurl Giant Boulders at all available windows!!!!

     Blackmail you say? Of Course, but easily paid with Peanuts… (Pun intended) Ha, Ha, ha……. So (Buy Now) and avoid all the hassles that we went through treating our 6 Westie’s, replacing the busted up Bird feeders and last but not least all the Insurance adjusters who just laughed and hung up….. ( Little do they know what dangers await them)…. But it’s (NOT TO LATE) yet… Buy a "Choo-Chew" ™ brand Steam Train Squirrel feeder, As Soon As Possible…. Stock up on Lot’s and Lot’s of Peanuts, (Unsalted), Corn and other Bushy Tail Munchies and you’ll be "Safe Again"…. All the Bushy Tails will be "Happy Campers" and think you’re the Greatest and the World will be Saved…………..

     Careful packing and handling, (which is costly, time consuming and a real pain in the Butt) is "Usually" (Free to the Buyer), which I absorb at what ever the costs "Usually" I’ll repeat, and only on (Standard models) just because I’m just a nice guy…. Other’s, with attached RR Tracks, Trestles, Planter box’s etc are a totally different story indeed…. They require extra material costs in packing these babies, and I do it myself, (which also takes time away from building others), but I do it, just so that I have no one to blame but myself if it gets screwed up in shipping which does happen sometimes, regardless of what I do…. This is where the Insurance comes in, which is mandatory and which "Usually, I absorb as well…. Professional packing "is" available by UPS or FED X, if requested or (Out of my League), and (Buyer Pay’s)…. See, I told you I was a nice guy…. Now on the other hand, Shipping, is (Paid by the Buyer), "Period"…. No if, and’s or Butt’s…. and has recently gotten to be Very, very expensive…. I won’t go into "Why"….. A Standard "Choo-Chew"™, boxed and ready to ship, weighs in at a whopping 18 to 22 pounds…. (Variable) and last time I sent one, costs about $33.00 to send to an East coast Zip code…. Unbelievable, but USPS, Parcel Post is still the most economical way to go… Best news is though, at least the cost (Decreases) the closer you get to Washington State to about $12.00 locally…

     Full refunds and return privileges are not a problem if dissatisfied with craftsmanship or any other issue that I am responsible for, less any shipping fees incurred and return postage paid, within 7 days and with authorization from me… Shipping damages are the sole responsibility of the carrier and between buyer and shipper for resolution…. I am pleased to say that with all the "Choo-Chew’s" in use in the US and Canada that none have (Ever) been returned…. I accept and prefer payments to be made through my "PAY-PAL" account after receiving invoice from me, through them for total costs and before shipping, same procedure as with as with my e-Bay account, and most people are familiar with using… Most Credit cards are accepted through my PP account as with E-checks also… Bank checks and Postal money orders accepted, same as cash, but Personal checks must clear my bank before shipping….. Usually takes about 7 days….

     As I said before, the "Basic Models" of which, there are 5 or 6 choices are shown in the Photo Gallery and designated as such, start at $79.95 plus taxes and shipping costs if applicable…. Other Photo’s in the Gallery are for display purposes only, as for a clear representation of Quality and Craftsmanship that we strive for here at Badger Crafts… "Dedicated to the preservation of Caliber and Excellence in Products and Services we have maintained since 1953"……. "Choo-Chew", "Tipper Stack" and "Tips and Tails News Letter" are Trademarks of Badger Farms / Crafts Enterprises… Copyright 1953 / 2009… All Rights Reserved….

     Thank You, for visiting our site and browsing around….. We regret that it is "Still" Under Construction, but we hope you have enjoyed your visit and look forward to you stopping by again someday…. Comments and Suggestions are welcomed as with News articles, stories, and Bushy Tail photos suitable for publishing… All credits will be given if used in "Odds and Ends" and / or the "Tips and Tails Newsletter"….. E-Mail to "Ole Bushy Tail Hisself" via,

     "Much Thanks" to my Web Savvy Son David, for his expertise in helping his Ole’ Man, getting this Site Up and Running…. Couldn’t Have done it with out your Patience and Web Savvy skills….. He can be reached via,

" Bushy Tails Up"….. Regards, Glenn Sr…………